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Sacramento Plastic Surgeon on the Possibility of Breast Implant Bombs!

Sacramento, CA August 11, 2011 (press release):
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was recently briefed by the federal government on new intelligence that shows terrorists could be using breast implants as surgically implanted bombs. At his Sacramento plastic surgery practice, Dr. Charles Perry discusses the likelihood of such an event, and how a terrorist could turn a procedure like breast augmentation into a potentially destructive threat.

The federal government recently briefed the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on the potential threat of breast implant bombs [1]. While the information does not constitute an immediate threat, Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Perry says the ability to turn breast implants into bombs is a real possibility. “Conceivably, a sterile device could be manufactured that would detonate inside a breast implant. All it would need is a propellant, an igniter, and a detonating receiver.”

However, Dr. Perry says he finds it extremely difficult to believe any doctor would so blatantly ignore their Hippocratic oath to do no harm. He adds that even if a doctor were to cast aside his extensive training and commitment to helping people, the breast implants turned explosive devices would have a different appearance and feel.

Despite the ability to conceal a device from the naked eye, Dr. Perry believes the advanced body imaging devices used by the TSA would be able to detect a breast implant bomb. However, he adds that while a device someone had swallowed or implanted elsewhere on the body would look suspicious, a device within a breast implant may not warrant a red flag.

Regardless of the potential that exists for using cosmetic enhancement procedures such as breast augmentation to carry out a terrorist plot, Dr. Perry says he remains doubtful. While this may be a viable option conceptually, now that the TSA and federal government are aware of the threat, he says the ability to successfully implant and detonate a breast implant bomb seems unlikely.

About Charles Perry, MD, FACS
Dr. Charles Perry earned his medical degree from the University of Washington. He then completed his general surgery residency at the University of Arizona, and his plastic surgery residency at the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Perry is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Perry specializes in an expansive spectrum of cosmetic enhancement procedures, ranging from laser skin resurfacing to liposuction, to the mommy makeover in Sacramento.

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Cowboys and Aliens – UK Premiere

All images © Getty for Paramount Pictures

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Ditch the Botox: The first collagen drink is launched in the UK to combat ageing skin

Pure Gold Collagen picPress Release: The first ever drink supplement to combine hydrolysed collagen, hyaluronic acid, borage oil and vitamins, to tackle ageing skin is being launched in the UK.

Pure GOLD COLLAGEN® is one of the new wave of nutracosmetics to be launched in the UK, which offers an alternative way to combat wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin from the inside out. Pure Gold Collagen combines hydrolysed collagen and hyaluronic acid, which work together to add moisture and plump the dermis; the deep levels of the skin. Hydrolysed collagen has been proven in clinical trials to improve the skin’s elasticity, moisture levels, smoothness and prevent the formation of deep wrinkles and fine lines.

Collagen beauty drinks are already being snapped up in Japan by women, but until now haven’t been available in the UK.

Pure Gold Collagen’s key ingredient is 5g of hydrolysed collagen, or Peptan, which is highly digestible and helps the skin preserve its strength elasticity and firmness. What makes Pure GOLD COLLAGEN® unique is the addition of hyaluronic acid which encourages the efficient adoption of collagen by the dermis (lower layer of the skin).

One of the main benefits of taking these ingredients orally, in a drink, is that they get to work on the lower levels of skin or dermis, so is far more effective than skin creams which only work on the epidermis (outer skin layer). Pure GOLD COLLAGEN® comes in 50 ml bottle and should be taken every day preferably for 4 weeks to see the best results.

Clinical trials that were carried out in 2008 in France, on the use of 10 ml per day of hydrolysed Collagen Peptan for 12 weeks, produced noticeable results. The 47 participants showed a 28 per cent increase in skin hydration, 19 per cent increase in skin suppleness, 26 per cent smoothing of micro relief furrows and 30 per cent decrease in wrinkles.

Pure GOLD COLLAGEN®contains 5g of collagen (and not the 10 ml used in the trials) and its next generation formula with several active ingredients including hyaluronic acid, borage oil and vitamins, increases the bioavailability of collagen and absorption into the dermis.

The benefits of drinking a supplement over tablets are that a drink can include about 50 times more nutrients and active ingredients than pills because it is bigger in volume. A drink is also more appealing than popping a pill and the taste is far more pleasant. This is because the process that is used to extract the ingredients is very advanced so the flavour from any ingredients, like fish is not present.

This is from a press release issued 11th August 2011. (We have not tested or reviewed this product)

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