Cannes 2012 – Electrolux Opening Gala

17th May 2012. Press Release: Electrolux opening gala dinner celebrates artistic excellence at film Festival de Cannes.

Electrolux brought culinary artistry to the Opening Gala with a dining collaboration between two Michelin star chefs; Bruno Oger and Rasmus Kofoed.

Guests Tilda Swinton and Diane Kruger enjoyed an imaginative menu from Oger and Kofoed that mixed Cannes art de vivre with Scandinavian ingenuity, all created in the Agora kitchen.

Frederique Pirenne, PR Director Europe, Electrolux said: “The Festival is an internationally renowned stage for originality so for the 65th anniversary we wanted to deliver an opening event that reflects the talent and inventiveness that have contributed to its success. We’ve worked with Michelin star chefs for over 90 years, helping to support their creative endeavours in the kitchen, so it makes sense that we honour the festival with a dining experience that matches the artistry of the attendees.”

Situated next to the Palais de Festivals, the Electrolux Agora was a hub of gastronomic inspiration as it brought together Oger and Kofoed – two chefs with different food backgrounds – as well as enabling them to create a menu that showcased modern food innovation mixed with classic technique.

Bruno Oger, owner of the Two Michelin Star Villa Archangel in Cannes, prepared the amuse bouche and main course, which showcased French intuition for ingredient combinations; whilst Bocuse d’Or Gold medal winner, Rasmus Kofoed, prepared a starter and dessert that highlighted the simple strength of Scandinavian produce.

Diners enjoyed a feast of 20 kilos of scallops, 12 kilos of truffles, 21 kilos of morelles and 45 kilos of smoked salmon sides, washed down with 4 kilos of white chocolate and 70 litres of fresh cream.
100 waiters were in charge of making sure service ran smoothly, as well as keeping 2000 glasses polished, and 3000 plates filled, emptied and cleared away.

All images © WireImage for Electrolux

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