Urban Life Magazine announces media partnership with Top Marques Monaco

For immediate release (updated 30/11/2012):

2013 marks a special year for Urban Life and Top Marques Monaco. Top Marques will celebrate their 10th year anniversary with the next edition of the show in April; whilst we start to prepare for ours the following year (Urban Life was founded in 2003 but first published in 2004).

Our respective and continuous growth, based on diversity and innovation, is testament to our enduring appeal amongst the jet-set elite who value and appreciate the best in luxury lifestyle. Urban Life is more than a magazine; it’s an attitude based on the lifestyle choices our readers make. Similarly, Top Marques is more than just a supercar show. It is a platform for some of the most creative minds in automotive design to present their wares to an eagerly awaiting audience and showcase the most exciting engineering advances in automotive technology, with safety, development and green technology at its core.
Top Marques also hosts a number of world premieres each year, thus setting the stage for the exotic and luxury car manufacturers to show their latest models to enthusiasts, buyers and collectors from around the world. And with the addition of the superboats and watches categories, it makes for a must-attend show each and every year attracting high-profile visitors from around the world.

“Top Marques Monaco is delighted to welcome on board our new media partner Urban Life. Not only will we both celebrate our 10th year in 2013 and 2014 respectively, but we both push the boat out when it comes to highlighting the most exclusive supercars, limited edition watches and deluxe objects for those who enjoy an elite luxury lifestyle. Top Marques reigns supreme as the industry choice for launching cutting-edge new models. Still five months before the event’s 10th edition four pioneering brands have chosen to world premiere their 2013 launches at this ground-breaking show. The only car exhibition where visitors can: See it, Drive it and Buy it. The exclusive extra is that Top Marques offers test drives on the Monaco Grand Prix circuit and this is just the beginning of our birthday announcements. Urban Life will keep you informed of our news. See you at ‘Top Marques Ten’ taking place 18th-21st April 2013 at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco” Steven Saltzman, Owner & Director – Top Marques Monaco.

As a media partner, Urban Life Magazine will have unique and privileged access to the latest news from all the exhibitors taking part in the show and will be featuring these across all our channels – print, online and through our social media outlets. We will also feature exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage before, during and after the event for our audiences in London and around the world.

“I am very excited to announce our media partnership with Top Marques Monaco in 2013. Ever since we first covered Top Marques in 2004, the year Urban Life was launched, I have always kept a keen eye on the growth and development of the show, which is now firmly established as the most exclusive and prestigious supercar event in the world. I am proud of my team’s achievements in the continuous growth of the Urban Life brand, and am honoured to be able to share the platform with such an illustrious group of our peers in the media from around the world. Furthermore, it seems quite fitting that we both prepare to celebrate our first ten years as we grow and expand into other niches, particularly with our move in to broadcast TV with a high-end motoring show, which we will announce formally in due course. My team and I are very excited to be associated with Top Marques and I am looking forward to working with Steven and his team, and together celebrate the best of luxury lifestyle in its spiritual home – Monaco” Ataur Rahman, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief.

Top Marques Monaco is held at the world-famous Grimaldi Forum in Monaco each year under the high patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II, its most distinguished patron and supporter. Yachts, watches and jewellery also form a part of the show, which enjoys the support of some of the most coveted luxury brands in their respective sectors. We are extremely proud to be a media partner of this exclusive annual event, and look forward to sharing this with our loyal readers and partners who have supported us over the years. We will be featuring exclusive articles with interviews in our Top Marques themed motoring pages throughout the year, as well as posting regular news items online. Please keep an eye on our social media streams for these.

For more information on Top Marques Monaco, please log on to www.topmarquesmonaco.com

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Monaco Yacht Show 2011

We are covering the Monaco Yacht Show for the first time!

We will have a round-up of one of the biggest and most prestigious yachting events in the world, with plenty of news, analysis and expert commentary from this ultra-luxury sector.

Look out for the coverage in the next edition…


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Hot Lab – Under The Spotlight

Yachting is a business like no other. The glamour, the glitz and the jet-set lifestyle that goes with it is what makes it so tantalisingly appealing.

To many, they are a distant
dream. Whilst to others just another of their many homes, to relax, entertain and have fun in. And, as with any home-proud owner, their yachts need to be designed and fitted with the same care and attention to detail as their residences. In this, our first ‘soft’ feature on yachting; we are talking to Hot Lab, an award-winning boutique design agency, about their experiences in designing yachts. This Q&A will shed some light into what’s involved in the whole process, from concept to the finished product and delivery.

Further down the line we will be focussing on more extensive coverage of this fascinating business, with guest writers and more profiles of companies involved in all aspects of the yachting industry. Hot Lab Studio was formed in Milan back in 2004, when three designers; Michele Dragoni, Antonio Romano and Enrico Lumini decided to join forces and form a partnership. Armed with a working
knowledge of the luxury automotive and interior design sectors, they decided to take their expertise and move into yachting, and haven’t looked back since. Working closely with private clients and shipyards, they have produced some exceptional designs and won numerous awards for the projects they have worked on over the years. We recently caught up with Antonio Romano, one of the partners and spokesperson of the company, and posed some questions to him…

Urban Life: what made you decide to make the transition from automotive to yacht design?

Antonio Romano: The idea from the beginning was to have our own studio, since in automotive design you mostly work in-house for big car brands. The work involved in yacht design is also much more complete. You play with exterior shapes, interior design, fittings
and decorations and so on. We’re talking about architecture that moves, or floats.

UL: How do you approach each project and what steps are involved once you’ve taken on a brief?
AR: First of all we have a meeting to talk about the brief. The best of our clients are private yacht owners, so they usually give us an idea of style, dimension and budget. The first step is to then determine the competitors in that range after which we design the GA (general arrangements), which are then constantly updated. At the same time we start on the first exterior
sketches, side views and perspective and we plan several internal meetings amongst our team. And when we arrive at an interesting solution we plan a second meeting with the client to receive their first impressions and feedbacks. If we’re in line with the client’s idea, we then start to do the first 3D models and after that several realistic renders. If we’re also involved in the interior design, we show some materials, colors and style suggestions, after that we get on with our interior design proposal.

Click here to read the full article online or subscribe for a hard copy

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Couach Arion 3700 Fly

Chantier Naval Couach (CNC) unveils the first of their37m super yachts, Arion.

The 3700 Fly, fitted by Ken freivokh, was recently delivered to her owners following a presentation to local dignitaries and the media in the historic quays of Bordeaux, France. Arion is the first collaboration between CNC and Freivokh, as well as the first yacht to come out of the shipyard in 2011.

Eric Robert Peillard, President of Couach says; “Arion pays homage to the quality of teamwork undertaken over the last two years. It was with pleasure that our office took on board the inspirational ideas of a celebrated designer to deliver an outstanding bespoke interior commissioned by a discerning client. The end result is a stunning yacht of rare beauty, from the aesthetic finishes of each cabin to the quality of craftsmanship throughout. A real work of art…”

The next project is the 50m 5000 Fly, due for launch in September 2011. www.couach.com

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Best of British Icons Series – Ben Ainslie: The Perfect Storm

Ben AinslieBehind the film star looks and the jovial personality lies a hard as nails world champion the likes of which Britain, nor the world, has rarely ever seen, yet Tim Henman is still more famous than he is.

Exactly what does it take for someone to be classed as one of the greatest sportsmen of all time? Skill? Talent? Determination? All useful attributes, to be sure, but even a combination of all three might not bestow historical status upon you – no matter how much of each you might have at your disposal. No, there is a fourth dimension without which you surely will never achieve greatness. Muhammad Ali had it, as do Michael Jordan, Pete Sampras and Lance Armstrong. Without meaning to cast aspersions, the fourth dimension is a near demented quality in your approach to what you do: a mindset so instinctively singular that if it were applied to any other sphere of life some might truly wonder about your sanity. It’s the philosophy that says, as Tiger Woods puts it, ‘when your opponent is on the floor keep your foot on his neck until it’s over.’

Britain has some great sporting stars and with the advent of lottery funding in the UK we now see the benefits of talent that has been given the opportunity to grow and develop without the debilitating financial considerations of the past. But to have a career straddle almost two decades and still stay at the pinnacle your field, winning everything there is to win in that time? Well, that takes something that lottery funding will never find. That ‘something’ is being Ben Ainslie. As a competitive sailor there literally is no comparison.

Ben AinslieSat in the Royal Thames Yacht Club in Knightsbridge it becomes obvious on first meeting him that he is too personable a character to forcibly articulate the real secret of his success. However, anybody prepared to delve into his competitive history will be able to point to it with little if any trouble. On the field of play – and only on the field of play – this man is cutthroat. It’s as simple as that. The skill and dedication he has to his sport has been underwritten with a ruthlessness that only those who go down in history possess. Put it to him directly and Ainslie will only smile sheepishly and tell you, “when I’m racing, I’m racing to try and win.”

Read the full article online here.

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