Liposonix – non-invasive liposuction

The Cadogan Clinic, one of the leading day hospitals in London, is the only clinic in the UK offering the seven most effective forms of liposuction. We recently got excited about one of their new treatments; Liposonix – the non-invasive liposuction treatment, which uses ultrasound to destroy the underlying fat in those stubborn areas that no amount of exercise can fix. ‘As part of the body’s natural healing process the destroyed fat tissue is eliminated via the liver, which processes the fatty acids as energy. Targeted fat is permanently reduced. Good for abdomen, hips and loins’.

It sounds great on paper, but when we tried this the results unfortunately did not quite hit the ark (our subject was female, late 20s and physically very active and fit – a gym goer at least 3-times a week). We were told it’s a one-off treatment, and that the results would be seen almost immediately. However, any noticeable reduction is yet to be seen following treatment. “This may well take a bit of time”; our subject was informed by one of the nurses. “Also it might be a course of treatments before you see a difference”.

The treatment itself was painful. There was bruising in the abdominal area where this was applied, including on the ‘love handles’. As far as treatments go, we’re on the fence with this one, however, we will let you know if something happens after we’ve gone to press with this edition.

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