London Jewellery Week – designers

I have chosen the following stand-out pieces from each collection – two from each designer, which were shown at Treasure. They are accompanied by a short description from the designers themselves

Madhuri Parson
Madhuri Parson_Peacock_Cuff
Yellow gold and multi-coloured sapphires peacock cuff bracelet

“Inspired by the national bird of India for its regal charm, this bold yet elegant bracelet is simply dazzling. 14-karat yellow gold handcrafted cuff bracelet set with sapphires and white topaz gemstones in black rhodium.”

Madhuri Parson_Peacock_Necklace
Radiant sapphires and white topaz peacock necklace

“Also inspired by the national bird of India, this elegant statement piece is hand crafted in 14-karat yellow gold matte and high polish finishes. The necklace is studded with white topaz semi-precious gemstones and multi-coloured sapphires in black rhodium polish around the necklace. “

Tomasz Donocik
Water Lilly Pad RingTinkerbell Pendant
Water Lilly Pad Ring & Tinkerbell Pendant

Fine jewellery collection: “inspired by the paradox of the natural world, The Garden of Good & Evil fuses the sinister side of beauty
with the evident delicate snowbells with fluid moving cups that juxtapose Venus fly traps.”

Jayce Wong

Capri Pearl earringCapri Pearl ring
Capri Pearl earring & Capri Pearl ring
“Capri pearl ring & Capri Pearl Earrings set in 18k white gold, featuring Tahitian pearls, silver diamonds, blue sapphires and tsavorites

Inspired by all the coral print while on holiday in Capri, the pieces explore the different shades of blue, green and grey of the coral
and the iridescent of the Tahitian pearls.”

Regina Aradesian

Pendant & Ring: 18ct white gold, plique-a-jour enamel, diamonds

“My work explores the intricacies of the cellular world observed through a microscope combined with traditional Armenian patterns. The jewellery is formed from precious metals with transparent plique-a-jour enamels, which when lit from behind create the impression of tiny stained glass windows.”

Yunus And Eliza
The Dali Puppet ring: It is 18k gold plated silver, with enamel

“The Dali puppet ring is inspired by Surrealism. Its delicately elongated portrait snaking up the finger and over your knuckle is a fusion of Classical Goddess and Futuristic fantasy. The river of luxurious translucent black enamel hidden on the back gives it a bold decadence.”

The Goddess Pendant: 18k gold plated silver, with enamel

“The Goddess Pendant is signature Yunus & Eliza, instantly recognisable in its sculptural figurative decadence. Theatrical and with a nod to the darker side, the Goddess Pendant can count Helena Christensen as one of its fans. Representing strength, beauty and inner wisdom, the Goddess collection returns each season in evolving vibrant colours.”

Jesper Velling
Diamond Twist group
Award-winning handmade platinum & diamond/pink diamond twist rings

Handmade diamond & black Tahitian pearl ‘Corona’ cufflinks

“The Corona Cufflinks are handmade using the same technology as the award-winning Corona Ring. Each cufflink features a 5mm black Tahitian Pearl in the centre surrounded by 15 2.5mm brilliant-cut diamonds (E/F in colour VS clarity). The Diamond Twist Ring is a handmade platinum ring, channel set with approximately 144 brilliant cut white diamonds, totalling over 2.75carats.”

Nada Ghazal
Matrix rings
Matrix rings: 18k gold with 3ct diamonds

“Matrix is highly influenced by order. The order, which is another side I love, with the perfect parallel lines, the perfect stones and the shiny gold.”

Malak rings
Malak rings: 18k raw white and yellow gold with 8ct of icy diamonds. Brushed finish.

“Malak is inspired by nature. Expressed through the soft organic shape, the rough diamond stones are a combination of yellow and pure white gold, without a touch of rhodium.”

Milena Kovanovic
Coral earrings
Coral Earrings – 18ct white gold earrings set with rubies and blue Andean opal cabochons.

Sea Urchin Ring
Sea Urchin Ring – 18ct white and rose gold set with 0.79ct demantoid garnets and a 10.99ct Rubellite cabochon

“Dazzling arrays of vibrant gemstones set in 18ct gold evoke the kaleidoscope of colours found in our oceans. Inspired by this rich and varied underwater paradise, the one of a kind pieces in the collection capture a glimpse of this fast disappearing environment.”

Jig Pattni
The Kiss – white gold, black and white diamonds

The Orgasm – white gold, black and white diamonds

“I was inspired by one of my favourite artists, Eric Fischl. He painted the Travel of Romance 1-5, which I fell in love with in the mid-90s. The shapes dramatically symbolise the male and female interaction, through a journey.“

Natalia Schroder

The spike ring – 14ct green gold, aa-class Tahitian pearl

“The spike ring, inspired by the interplay of classic and contemporary elements in modern architecture and giving a new interpretation to the classical pearl jewellery.”

The orchid thumb ring – silver and gold plated

“The orchid thumb ring is inspired by the contrasts of the modern woman; aggressive but gentle, powerful but wise, sophisticated but Innocent. A soft, wild and untamed Flower with a fine touch of sensual erotica.”

Sonal Talgeri-Bhaskaran
Eastern Mystic
Drama & Destruct necklace

“The Drama & Destruct necklace is my favorite from the new pieces, and defines my translation of tribal deco. It was actually inspired by Kali, the Goddess of time and of destruction. For me, this piece epitomises her and is my modern depiction of her as a fierce 21st-century warrior Goddess!”

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