Privileged Life Black Card

The concept:
The Black Card is a privilege/loyalty card from Urban Life, aimed principally at our readers and subscribers based in and around Central London.

Membership benefits:
Membership will allow cardholders to enjoy a wide range of exciting and exclusive benefits, including discounts and special offers at a wide range of partner outlets. These include hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, retail outlets, galleries, private health clinics, spas and salons to start with. Basically any business that attracts a discerning clientele will be the target of our partnership department!

We will be announcing a lot of new partners in the coming months, so do keep an eye out for the member-only newsletters and regular updates on the website. Additional benefits include ad-hoc competitions which we will secure through the magazine, so there’ll be plenty of incentives to sign up for a membership!
In the meantime, the current list of our first-round of partners and the membership benefits they are offering card holders are listed on their corresponding ads in the magazine.

Partner benefits:

This is an alternative to the mass-market discount schemes currently proliferating the consumer sector. The aim of the Black Card is to provide access to businesses that want to target a high-end clientele, but without resorting to discounting their products and services to the extremes that we are seeing with numerous mass discount websites.

Our readers are not bargain hunters; therefore we are not looking for one-off gimmics. But what we are looking for is a longer term proposition, which encourages repeat business and customer loyalty, which is a win-win for all parties.

How to get involved:
If you are an individual interested in a membership, please visit the website and sign up online.

If you are a business owner and wish to discuss partnership opportunities, please call or email us using the contact details below:
Tel: 0871 989 8206

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