Raw Fairies – Mini B Cleanse: Detox in a box, delivered to your door, daily.

rawfairies2.jpegRaw Fairies is headed by Cordon Bleu trained chef Anya Ladra. She produces delicious detoxifying recipes, available for home delivery throughout the UK. The Raw Fairies detox promises to re-boot and clean up your whole system, with wholesome, tasty vegan menus full of fresh, organic ingredients and juices packed with super-foods. These nutritionally rich, energising meals are delivered to your door in biodegradable packaging daily and include an easy to follow, extensive, nutritionist-designed supplement programme to further boost energy levels and complete the detoxification process. It’s no secret that raw foods are better for you, as you get more of the vitamins from fresh, uncooked produce. The benefits of adding more raw fresh foods to your diet are far-reaching and include; weight loss, reduced cellulite, increased energy, healthier skin, hair and nails, and improved mental clarity. “Eating the botanical cuisine is a fantastic way to improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing and naturally detox” claim Raw Fairies.

I embarked on the five day Mini B Cleanse ahead of my holiday to see if these promises were true. The daily deliveries made sticking to the diet fairly easy and for the first two days I was sent food parcels containing a selection of juices, smoothies and salads; delicious examples of which included the melon, lime and parsley smoothie with barley grass, the green smoothie with chlorella (marine algae) and spirulina – spaghetti made from courgette ribbons, red pepper and walnut bolognese. On day two I felt a little lethargic and suffered with a minor headache, so didn’t quite feel like a salad in the evening. But, by day three, which was my one-day ‘juice fast’, I was over the hump and bursting with energy. My skin was already brighter, I felt lighter and found my weight had dropped a few pounds. I didn’t find the one-day ‘juice fast’ problematic, seven smoothies was more than enough for the day. My body had quickly become accustomed to the smaller portions. I won’t profess to this being the easiest cleanse I have ever partaken in, probably because I was on the go a lot and not sat on a beach in Thailand relaxing. However, it is relatively easy to follow the plan. I had minimum hunger pangs the first four days and the benefits of not having to think about what I was going to eat each day more than made up for these.

rawfairies.jpegSadly, on the last day of the cleanse, I was in the unfortunate position of having to go to Goodwood with the Ed. If I didn’t know what hunger pangs were before, I certainly did afterwards. Burger joints screamed at me, luring me with their 100% organic grilled cheeseburgers. Cruel place to put me! No problem though, as after a minor fall off the wagon (a few strawberries and cream started me off); I found that I didn’t actually want that slab of greasy beef I had taken a few bites from. My stomach had shrunk to accommodate proper portion control and my body didn’t thank me for a carbohydrate and fat overload, however much my senses tried to convince me otherwise. I skipped back to the car to my final salad, feeling holier-than-thou and fabulous upon completion! The moral of the story is quality over quantity, much of what we eat and drink is superfluous, as I discovered. The most difficult part of the plan is in the actual implementation of the change; in realising that what we need is smaller amounts of a balanced menu of fresh foods that offer proper nutritional value, not the toxic, processed foodstuffs we are faced with each day. It’s all about making informed choices. The weight loss after the Mini B Cleanse was a great side effect, but the major benefit certainly came in the form of the increased vitality and improved mental clarity I felt afterwards, and a body that functions correctly rather than being lethargic, overworked by the toxins it needs to eliminate.

This was an easy plan to follow if you have NO social engagements and remain in one place, preferably not surrounded by jovial, beer drinking burger buyers! A little more resolve is required if you are. Raw Fairies was most certainly worth it in the long term, the perfect urban detox for busy Londoners.

For more information, log on to www.rawfairies.com

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