The Privileged Life Black Card 10K Project

We are preparing to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Urban Life Magazine with a special promotion with our very own consumer lifestyle product, the Privileged Life Black Card.

The Black Card is a membership concept, designed to give our members privileged access to discounts, promotions, special offers and value-added services at a wide variety of partner businesses in the fashion, beauty, retail, lifestyle, restaurants and hotels sectors, with more businesses being signed up under a new partnership drive.

We are currently planning our big 10th year anniversary of Urban Life, our flagship product, in October 2014. And to celebrate in spectacular style, we will be running various promotions, special offers and competitions between now and then.

Our first promotion is to achieve our target of 10,000 members for the Black Card by October 2014 with a reduced rate annual membership fee of £19.99 (a saving of £30.00 from the normal rate of £49.99).

Membership of the Black Card will secure numerous privileges at our growing roster of partners. It will also give our members exclusive access to our new travel club, launching in the spring of 2013. For a full list of offers and promotions, please visit the website and follow the Black Card across the social media channels.

* restaurants * hotels * spas * private clinics * retail outlets * Galleries * track days * and more… *

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